Collaboration is at the center of most of my research projects. Whereas I am a geologist who is most likely to attack a problem of interest with a satellite image, a field vehicle and a rock hammer, or with seismic reflection profiles, the projects that interest me require the specialty knowledge, skills, and equipment from many other specialists and specialties.

My primary collaborations during 2018-2020 have been with the following geologists, geochemists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists and energy engineers.

Processes Operating at the Surface and in the Subsurface of the Atacama Desert

Linda Godfrey, isotope geochemistry and chemical hydrogeology

Carol de Wet, lacustrine carbonates

Rowena Lohman, radar interferometry

Marco Pfeiffer, soil science 

Ron Amundson, soil science 

Nicolás Cosentino, isotope geochemistry and geodynamics 

Richard Allmendinger, structural geologist 

Gabriel González, structural geologist and hazards scientist 

Earth History from Sedimentary Rocks and Landforms

Daniel Karig, glacial geology

Nicolás Blanco, geology

Andrés Quezada, geology

Paulina Vásquez, geology

Fernando Sepúlveda, geology

Jason Rech, soil geochemistry and paleoclimatology

Claudio Latorre, paleoecology and biogeochemistry

Resouces of Sedimentary Rocks: Water and Heat

Christian Herrera, hydrogeology 

Javier Urrutia, hydrogeology 

Patrick Fulton, hydrogeology 

Jefferson Tester, energy engineering 

Olaf Gustafson, geology and environmental geology 

Steve Beyers, energy engineering 

Tom Pasquini, subsurface analysis

Matthew Pritchard, geophysics

Koenraad Beckers, energy engineering 

Erin Camp, energy analysis and geology 

Jared Smith, environmental engineering 

Calvin Whealton, environmental engineering